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When Quality Counts

Clearwater Pools uses only the highest standard of quality; therefore our choice in swimming pools is the Heldor "Classic Edition". At Clearwater Pools, we offer many different layout options for you to choose from, all of the highest quality and safety.

"The Heldor 'Classic Edition' Swimming Pool combines the best materials, advanced design technology, and superior manufacturing to provide you with an outstanding value in a swimming pool.

The 14-gauge copper-bearing steel walls are coated with galvanized zinc. Each panel is precision punched to allow for joining, bracing, and mounting. The wall structure is further reinforced with zinc-coated steel A-frame braces. True radius panels offer strength as well as beauty by creating precision curves. Engineered to last for generations, Heldor 'Classic Edition' Swimming Pools give you the optimum quality and value for your investment."




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